Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Episode 224: Where the Power Lies

In a new record for the podcast, we managed to get through exactly one of the links in the show notes! Ken was unavailable for the recording so Shorahmin and Toawa joined in on the call and we had a great discussion on the concepts of conservatism, civics, history and education. Sadly we didn't get even half-way through what I wanted to talk about so there will be a "Part 2" in the near future.

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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Articles for Episode 224: Where the Power Lies

It's been an interesting week and lots of thingshave been happening. We're going to take another week off from the primary review and talk about other things.

We're probably not going to make it through the articles this time (yes, again), mainly because there are some other concepts that need to be addressed. Some comments from a listener prompted our first video posting and in this episode we're going to talk on grander terms about more issues related to that. If we get to them, here are the articles for this episode:
And yes, there were other articles that caught our eye. Here they are as well: