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Monday, June 9, 2008

EPISODE 29: Obama Promises Gaffs for Deserters

Tonight's show (okay, last night, I'm late posting show notes) went pretty well. Of course we had to talk about Hillary suspending her campaign and Obama's plans moving forward. Be sure to keep an ear out for my personal tinfoil hat theory on Obama and Rev. Wright. It may be crackpot but then again, they might be crazy enough to try it! Articles discussed tonight:
In addition to those articles we touched on the state of the USS George Washington, CVN-73. We talked about the state of "race relations" and a few topics from that. We also talked about a really great book entitled Freehold by Michael Z. Williamson. A great SF read! Thanks for listening! If you have any comments you can email them to us at or post them as a comment here. Also, feel free to join us on the show every Sunday night at 8:30pm! Click here to listen to this episode!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

EPISODE 27: Cheap Flying Libertarian Fights Fires

Quite an interesting episode this evening. Tonight I was joined by Matt Myers, a friend of mine, volunteer fireman, past chief and owner of Myers Accounting / Canalside Financial. Ken joined in late, having been to a wedding. We started the show off with a brief discussion of the life of the late Jimmy Griffin, former 4-term mayor of Buffalo who passed away at the age of 78 this weekend. Matt filled us in on some of the politics and personality traits that made him very well known in the area. From there, we looked skywards at the airlines and had a conversation aboutAmerican's $15 per checked bag fee. Later in the show, Ken (who worked at the Tampa airport for around 5 years) told us that American's employees were the most unhappy, especially after the company got permission to use the employee pension fund for operating costs in 2003. Everyone was in agreement that customer service in the airline industry has tanked and except for Southwest, nobody is happy when it comes to air travel any more. This conversation spurred off two side-discussions. The first was the fact that former Georgia Rep. Bob Barr is now the official Libertarian candidate. On a more interesting (and closer) note, Buffalo is beginning to stand out as a great place to On-shore technology and support projects! About this time, Ken managed to call in, so we tracked back to the airline conversation. Finally, there had to be something said about the fire on board the USS George Washington (Cvn-73). This is the ship that Ken and I served together on (see pictures from the fire). She is on her way to take over for the USS Kitty Hawk in Japan this summer. Fair winds and following seas to all those aboard! No lives were lost, which is the most important thing. Thanks to all for listening and have a SAFE Memorial Day Holiday! Take a moment to remember those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom and say a prayer for those who are on the front lines today. Click here to listen to today's show. If you want to join in, we record at 8:30 pm EST every Sunday night. Email comments are welcome at or you can add a comment to this post.