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Friday, January 11, 2008

Episode Eight: Illegal Tiger Lynching Hides the Polls

Hey! It's a brand new episode and some of the sounds are back! Please bear with us as we work to perfect the sound board and other situations. It's another week during the primaries and we have to talk about that.

We invite you to call in to a recording session!You can go to our Talk Cast page to see the status of the show. From there you can listen in, join in using your computer or call in to 724-444-7444. When prompted for a TalkCast ID enter 75570. You will be asked to create or enter a TalkShoe PIN as well, that is up to you. Email comments are always welcome at

Things are going strong, Ken's weather is "back to normal" and he's back outside. Hatton is busy fussing with sound clips. We might just get this show sounding decent soon! We wandered topics a bit at the end of the show, as happens quite a lot on our phone calls. Enjoy!

Show Notes:

Thanks again for listening! Click Here to listen to this episode.