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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Episode 303: Cracks in the Facade

Yet again we have a case of an episode post lagging the recording by a week... I have plenty of reasons but again I apologize.  Maybe I should take a pay cut...

It turns out that folks didn't really disagree with the premise of this episode, that more and more of the American public are starting to see through the cracks at what's really going on in Washington.

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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Articles for Episode 303: Cracks in the Façade

There is so much media coverage about the failing health care websites and continued shutdown that we're going to be looking at other things in this episode. We're looking deeper, past the posturing and endless press conferences at some of the signs that the government is starting to crack.

Be sure, there are those stalwarts that will stick to their… positions. There are also articles that are coming out showing very disturbing events that, if done by anyone else, would generate calls for termination if not prison time. Their façade is starting to crack all over the place and even their usual cheerleaders can't patch everything up. Articles for this episode:
Those that watch our Twitter feed at ECConservative will notice that not all of the articles tweeted over the past week are showing up here this time. We had something of a "twittersplosion" and the articles below are the more relevant (or less repetitive) of the activity.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Episode 223: Taps, Tabs and Threats

Well, this was a really fun episode with a ton of listener interaction and news articles that, for whatever reason, don't seem to make the evening news.  We even had two of our regular listeners join in for the last part of the show.

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