About the Podcast

About the Podcast

Our podcast is a weekly hour-long talk show where host Hatton Humphrey and friends talk about the news of the day and share our conservative opinions on what is going on.  Each week (generally) brings new stories and new insights into how the world around us is still moving.

We like to take a positive spin to our presentation method.  Laughter is a great equalizer and by being informative and not caustic, we've found that even listeners that don't agree with us 100% of the time will stick around to see what the joke is about.

Listeners can participate in the recording process by joining us on Sunday nights at 9:00pm Eastern time.  Recording is done using Talkshoe and the session is also streamed into Second Life.  If you join us on TalkShoe you can actually call in and have your voice heard!

We are proud members of the Blubrry network as well as the Red State Talk Radio network.

The Show Goes On

In January of 2016, three changes were made to the show.  The first was the name change.  We also had to say farewell to Ken.  Finally, the recording time was changed to 9:00pm.

About the Hosts:

The primary hosts for the podcast are Hatton Humphrey and Ken Johnston.  Hatton and Ken served together in the Navy, working as avionics technicians at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island as well as on board the USS George Washington (CVN-73).  Following their military service, the pair has remained friends and have been, "talking politics" since 2003.

Currently, Hatton is a resident of the state of New York, living nowhere near New York City.  He works as an IT specialist with experience in programming, networking and technical support.  Ken lives in the sunshine state of Florida with his wife and two boys.  His job providing electronics support for the medical industry has him on the road often but also keeps him on his toes.

About the Contributors:

Over the years the podcast has drawn in a number of regular callers and contributors.  These are the "other voices" that you hear during the show and include:
  • Larry - a retired business owner and Catholic Deacon from New York (again, no where near the City).
  • Toawa - a programmer and libertarian from the non-Chicago parts of Illinois.
  • Joesf - a retail manager and political junkie from the wilds of Louisiana.

What Listeners Say:

Here is what some folks are saying about the East Coast Conservative Podcast:

"Your latest show has folks discussing issues far better and fairer than any cable news show.. Bravo for podcasting"

"The friendship of Navy pals Hatton and Ken come through, along with one of my favorite podcasts. With contributions from listeners Shoreman, Trisec, etc. The East Coast Conservative Podcast is one of the best that TALK SHOE has to offer. Rational, fair and intelligent discussion of the events of the day. Highly recommended."

"Finally a show that asks the tough questions, is willing to hear all possibilities, and tries to forge the way forward. It is so refreshing to hear a couple of great guys who are willing to resist the pull of popular sentiment and simply get to logic, truth, and the best way forward. Keep fighting the good fight."

"This is a really great conservative talk show. The conversation is smart and well organized. The comments are not platitudes and are well thought out. You may not agree but the show will give you something to think about. Keep up the good job!"

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