Sunday, August 17, 2014

Episode 345 Recording Delay

We are delaying our recording by a day, vacation got in the way of show prep!

HOWEVER, there is a change we're going to be making to the show and the audience is an integral part of it.  We're introducing something called "Mad Libs for President".  If you've never heard of the concept of Mad Libs, it's a short selection of text with key words removed.  The job of the audience is to provide words of the right type (noun, verb, adjective, adverb) without knowing where they go or how they will be used.  It promises to be entertaining if nothing else!

We're going to start this week.  Please send me the following words either as a comment on this post, a comment on the Facebook page or via email the following words and I'll put them together for tomorrow night's recording.  I need the following:
  • Article of Clothing (plural)
  • Part of the Body (plural)
  • Two (w) nouns
  • Six (6) Plural nouns
  • Six (6) Adjectives
  • One Verb
  • One Verb ending in "ing"
Please keep in mind that while this podcast requires a level of maturity is also must be fit for public presentation,  Please do not send any rude, crude or otherwise "bleep"able words.


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