Monday, August 26, 2013

Episode 296: Roles

This was a rather interesting episode. We didn't make it through all of the articles but that's not a big surprise. The articles clearly pointed out a point that government has expanded well beyond its originally designed role set.

I did assign a bit of homework with this episode. Write down the job descriptions for elected officials you can think of without looking them up, then go online and check your work. I mentioned President, Federal Senator and Representative, State Senator and Representative and Governor. If you have other offices you want to look up feel free!

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It's time for a new book recommendation from our sponsor! You can get a free 30 day trial at as well as a free audio book by going to and signing up. I've been using my Audible subscription to listen to The Liberty Amendments by Mark Levin. They list not only the changes that Mr. Levin recommends but also the historical back-story for each one. This listening experience will have any jaw on the floor, both with where the country has gone and where politicians promise to take it. We'll actually be taking some time during upcoming episodes to discuss these proposals at length, so if you want to participate in them take advantage of an Audible credit and get the book now!

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