Thursday, March 15, 2012

Episode 221: Where is Our Apology?

Ya know, it really helps when I actually post the podcast episode to the website in a timely manner!  Sorry for the delay in getting this one online folks!  We had some fun talking about a variety of things that officials (or public figures) apologized for and other things that will never get one.

Click Here to download the podcast, or listen using the Blubrry player (the blue ball on the right of the page).

One interesting impact of not posting the episode until later is the fact that I get to include a comment thread I received via IM from one of our regular listeners:

D: I don't listen to Randi myself...I find her too harsh. but I don't think your comparison holds water. Rush is on what, 6,000 stations and is in the news virtually every day. Randi is on what, 6? She might talk a lot of trash, but if it's under the radar, nobody will ever pay attention to it.
ECC: That's akin to saying nobody's going to listen to the pastor of a small church that says he's going to have a Qua'ran BBQ, right?
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