Saturday, November 29, 2008

Episode 54: Changing the Cabinet

Yes, folks, the show recorded a night early! Sorry for the short notice but there was a schedule conflict that would have made a Sunday recording impossible. So tonight we talked about the Presidential Cabinet, their roles and who Obama has picked for their seats. The general observation - it's Clinton's third term except for Defense, and that's only if Gates accepts. Also we talked about the Fairness Doctrine that is now being touted by the Democrats. Thanks to the Republican Party of Second Life for allowing us the use of their theater! Be sure to check out their podcast, Conservative Matters with Ron Skytower!

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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Episode 53: Snap Out Of It!

In keeping with the 4 stages of mourning, we decided to talk about shock and numbness... mainly because that's where we've been while watching the news and reading the blogs. Here are the things we talked about (or most of them at least):
  • Shocked by the naive presentation of opinion by MSNBC's "Terrorist" guy when talking about the Al-Queda tape referring to Obama as the "House Negro" (which can be found here).
  • Shocked by the final realization of Anderson Cooper that Hamas is antisemitic.
  • Numbed by the results of a recent Zogby poll.
  • Numbed by the fact that it appears the Fed is going to bail out Citigroup.
  • Shocked that people still don't understand that just because they can get news instantly, a war and a financial crisis can't be fixed instantly.
  • Shocked by the pure hatred that is coming out of the GBLT community in California.
There were a few other things in there as well. Some things that were good bits of news that I didn't have a chance to get links for before the show.

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Monday, November 17, 2008

Episode 52: Don't Panic!

Ken and I decided to go through the four phases of mourning: Shock and Numbness Yearning or Searching or Anger Fear or Panic Acceptance We discussed everything from the Stock market to the potential actions of the Obama Administrations. Please take a moment to visit our sponsor - Click on the Sign Up Now link to the left! we were joined by my mother and step-father for the call. If you want to join in you can by calling in when we record live!

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Oh, we've got new sound effects, too!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Episode 51: Changing Course and Format but not Foundation

Tonight's show marks a change in the direction of the podcast. We are moving away from discussing news articles and leaving the campaigns alone. With the Obama victory, we as conservatives need to identify what we need to do to bring the Republican party back into power! In addition, we are going to examine the statements that are being made at and hold them up to the light. Tonight we brought in our new show format - we have decided based on traffic analysis and download counts that our audience wants to hear about conservative stances on issues! Our most popular shows by far have been those where we were talking about the issues, not when we were waxing eloquently about the failures or successes that were identified in the news. Each week, we will be taking about two or three main things. Tonight, we talked about the following things:
Tonight we wish Happy Birthday to Silverblade Dagger, one of our most dependable listeners in Second Life!

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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Episode 50: No Rally Card Passes Deficit Menifesto

A really good show tonight - a technical glitch with Ken's phone dying out that prompted for some ad-libbing. We were also joined by Richard and Jayspari for parts of the call. Articles discussed in tonight's show:

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