Thursday, July 31, 2008

EPISODE 36a: Yes, Senator, It's about the Money

Why do I have to live in a state with such uninformed, liberal politicians?!? Today's news (link below) had me boiling mad at my radio again... My dear "Senior Senator" (don't you wish there was a home for them where all they could do is give interviews to dead cameras?) decided that he knows what Americans' jobs are, and "it isn't to increase the revenue of Exxon Mobile." No, Senator, it is not... but it isn't to pay higher taxes while you refuse to allow legislation that might actually do something for the economy and maybe even the environment to the senate floor. Article reference: Senator Schumer Tells Exxon Where to Go

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Sunday, July 27, 2008

EPISODE36: Team Spirit's Name Embarrases Obama

On tonight's show - NZ judge backs girl over 'embarrassing' name, Once Naked For Nirvana, Now A Teen Spirit, Discussion about Obama's European Visit, including canceling his visit to troops, the end of the affair with the media, a conversation about what Obama says versus how he says it, the prophesy of Obama, Chuck Norris on the "N" word and some jewels from the police blotter.
  • NZ judge backs girl over 'embarrassing' name
  • Once Naked For Nirvana, Now A Teen Spirit
  • Obama Campaign Cancels Visit to U.S. Service Members in Germany
  • End of the Affair
  • "What a Speech"
  • He ventured forth to bring light to the world
  • What the Bleep?!
  • Hot off the presses: the Police Blotter (
    • Police and the Ellicott Creek Fire Company responded to Brier Road where a woman's hand was reportedly stuck in a blender. It was discovered that only her shirt was caught, and the fire crew cut her free. The banana bread was ruined.
    • A motorist burned his jeans after being pulled over by police. He panicked while smoking a marijuana joint and stuffed it in his pocket.
    • Neighbors on Antoinette Drive reported that a nearby resident has been standing naked in front of his window around noon almost daily.
    • Police were called to Wickham Drive about a lost wallet that contained cash and credit cards. The wallet was found 20 minutes later under a bed and is believed to have been hidden by the basset hound.
    • A bouncer was sent to St. Joseph's Hospital after a fight at a George Urban Boulevard nightclub. A cell phone was found after the incident, and when the officer answered it after it rang, he was able to get the name and address of a suspect. The officer told the suspect he would return the phone if he provided his name and address. The suspect then offered the officer 2 grams of cocaine in exchange for the phone.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Episode 35a: (Not) Changing the Face of Politics

A quick comment - I've heard a couple of political ads and actions in the last couple of days that make me wonder why politicians think that we truly believe that they're going to change anything! Quick update: Jack Davis is NOT an incumbent but I have heard his name in politics for some time. He has been preaching a political change since I've lived in Western New York. I mean, seriously, if change is what you want, it's going to take electing a non-politician into office. Actually, it'd take electing a LOT of them into office simultaneously for change to truly take hold! Obama's promised change is what has bought him a lot of the disenfranchised, cynical votes. It's also what is going to crucify him if he wins and fails to deliver.

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Episode 35: Fathers Throwing Spades while Saddam Pays for Pictures

An excellent show this evening! We were joined by Ron Skytower of the Conservative Matters Podcast and Adam Graham of the Truth and Hope Report. Tom Millican, unaffiliated conservative Presidential candidate joined us in the chat room. Help him get on the ballot in your state! For more info on that, visit his website at! Ken was with us but almost didn't make it. In addition, Mr. Murphy joined in with some technical and non-technical problems. Even given the issues we found, we persevered. Here are links to the articles...

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Sunday, July 13, 2008

EPISODE 34: Crossing Oklahoma's Wall, Suing Jackson's Casinos

A very busy show tonight! We were joined by Ron Skytower, host of the Conservative Matters Podcast as well as some family and the noises of the great outdoors. Articles discussed this evening:

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

EPISODE 33a: East Coast Conservative Podcast Comment

Time for something new as a part of the East Coast Conservative Podcast! There are a lot of different things that come up every week that don't make it to our show. Sometimes this is because they get overshadowed by "hotter" news issues and sometimes they make the list but have to be dropped in the interest of time. Introducing the ECC Podcast Comment - short recordings made by myself or Ken on different issues. These aren't scheduled calls and are not recorded on TalkShoe, so the only way to comment is via email ( or by adding a comment here. In the first comment - giving, and how conservatives/capitalists and liberals/socialists look at helping others differently. It's a matter of control, people. I was inspired by a definition I heard on the Dave Ramsey show. Also, I used the example of ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and the episode with Daniel Gilyeat, a marine and single father of 4. Click Here to Download This Episode. Thank you for listening!