Sunday, June 29, 2008

EPISODE 32: Rulings Draw Lynch Graduation Gamble

This week was a tough one to pick articles for - there was SO MUCH to talk about tonight! In addition, my Step-father Jim called in and added his thoughts to the mix. We also experimented with a new concept - simulcasting the show into Second Life with the help of the Republican Party of Second Life. Be sure to check out their podcast, Conservative Matters with Ron Skytower. Articles discussed on tonight's show:
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Sunday, June 22, 2008

EPISODE 31: Bumper Sticker Beliefs

We decided to move from the normal show format to have some fun with bumper stickers and other things. We found some bumper stickers and had an interesting time discussing them. In addition, we decided to point the truth in humor for the Top Ten Democrat Beliefs. Beyond those two topics, I had to bring up the So-Called Accomodation Laws that have been passed in Colorado, Iowa, Maryland and Florida. These laws allow 'trans-gender' people access to bathrooms of their elected gender rather than their genetic one. I also made mention of a new conservative podcast being hosted on Second Life by the Republican Party of Second Life called the Conservative Matters Blog with Ron Skytower. They're just getting things started but give them a listen when you get a chance! Click Here to download tonight's show. I'm putting the notes in an extended entry because of the vulgarity of some of the bumper stickers.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

EPISODE 30: Supreme Suit Attempts Drive-in Jamming

Whew, managed to get the show finished without Ken blowing a blood vessel! We had some touchy subjects that had to be discussed, including some strange commercials and stranger practices. First off, we talked about some of the things that happened for each of our Father's Day - including Ken's relaxing day and my own day that included me preaching at my church (the sermon is posted at Sermon Practice). Other issues discussed:
  • Meet the Growler: Ken and I lamented on the loss of the aircraft we worked on together in the Navy, the EA-6B prowler, the need to the new bird and some of the good and bad decisions made.
  • Drive in church: A well-meaning Methodist is broadcasting to cars. I think it's an interesting outreach concept, Ken thinks it's nutty.
  • Kucinich's Impeachment attempt: A certified nut, Dennis has decided that he wants to charge Bush on everything from the war to Global Warming to the responses on Katrina. He never gives up!
  • Problem Gambler's Sue Casinos: Ken was floored by the fact that the Province of Ontario runs the casinos, I thought the people bringing the bill have merit, not because the state should be held liable for their gambling problem but because the state was not enforcing the law.
  • Supreme Court gives detainees Habeas Corpus: Ken almost lost his top on this one. I repeated the valid points that I had heard made by those who were in favor of this action.
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Monday, June 9, 2008

EPISODE 29: Obama Promises Gaffs for Deserters

Tonight's show (okay, last night, I'm late posting show notes) went pretty well. Of course we had to talk about Hillary suspending her campaign and Obama's plans moving forward. Be sure to keep an ear out for my personal tinfoil hat theory on Obama and Rev. Wright. It may be crackpot but then again, they might be crazy enough to try it! Articles discussed tonight:
In addition to those articles we touched on the state of the USS George Washington, CVN-73. We talked about the state of "race relations" and a few topics from that. We also talked about a really great book entitled Freehold by Michael Z. Williamson. A great SF read! Thanks for listening! If you have any comments you can email them to us at or post them as a comment here. Also, feel free to join us on the show every Sunday night at 8:30pm! Click here to listen to this episode!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

EPISODE 28: WarmVotes Nuke Gay Marriage Acceptance Training

A very fun show this evening! We were joined by Adam Graham of the Truth & Hope Report. Articles discussed this evening included:
Additionally, there were a couple of articles we only had a chance to cover briefly -
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