Monday, May 19, 2008

EPISODE 26: Happy Parenthood

Short-set of show notes because we spent a lot of time talking about a few issues. The California Supreme Court's decision to overturn the voter-approved marriage bill dominated the conversation... I think everyone knew that this would be the start of more fights, not the end. Also, while nobody is surprised that Orthodox Jews oppose the decision, the statements made by the Rabbi in the article are deeply disturbing and accurate. Also, while an Oslo zoologist says there are examples of same-sex couples in the wild, the numbers among humans, especially in the US, are much harder to pin down, but no more than 10%... still well in the minority. While on the subject of sex, we had to talk about the Planned Parenthood suit against Oregon Law that prohibits giving sexually explicit material to minors. They argue that kids should be able to watch porn. (Side note, in 2004 they handed out a book considered porn to kids in a conference that parents were not allowed to attend.) If you want to be "educated" by planned parenthood, there is a reference to Teen wire dot com (no link from here), a site that they have built for teens to learn about sex, diseases, birth control and abortion. Finally, an update on the McKinley High School issue that was reported in ECC Podcast 14 and 15. The report has been completed and is scheduled to be released on Monday. Until then we only have rumors as to it's contents. Thanks for listening! If you want to join in on the conversation, you can call in live. More instructions can be found on our talkcast page. Email comments are welcome at or you can post a comment here on the website. Click Here to listen to tonight's show! If you like the show, tell a friend. If you don't, please send us an email and let us know what we did wrong. Be sure to come back next week, when you'll hear different words in a different order!

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