Sunday, May 4, 2008

EPISODE 24: Mike Wilson Plays Bully with Florida's Flying Votes

Had a bit of a hiccup at the start of the show and had to re-start the recording. Sorry to anyone that was streaming for the original recording and hope you were able to join us for the actual show. Keeping the theme of the light-hearted start, we had to talk about the Florida senate's attempt to fine people that like to decorate their trucks with nuts (bull's, that is). Along the same lines but not at all, the discussion went to an article about a republican trying to get Playboy and Penthouse out of military exchanges (stores). A Detroit professor got his son a bottle of lemonade and then lost his son to CPS for 6 days because it was Mike's Hard Lemonade... something the dad had never heard of. The informal poll in our chat room showed that everyone knew what it was in our audience. Something that Floridians are finding hard to swallow is the fact that their delegates still don't count. A group went to DNC headquarters to protest. We were joined by Tom Millican and Adam Graham to discuss this issue. Finally, for our local issues, Ken talked about the kidnapping of a 26 year old and his family's reward offer. Hatton talked about the debacle that has erupted in his sleepy little village. We thank everyone for listening! If you like the show, please tell your friends. If you want to join in on the show, watch our home page for the recording schedule (traditionally every Sunday night at 8:30pm EST). You can become a part of the show! Talkshoe provides for live-chat as well as the ability for people to call in. Our number is 724-444-7444 and the talk-cast ID is 75570, we'd love to have you on the show! Click here to listen to tonight's show.

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