Monday, April 28, 2008

EPISODE23: Green Bird Brained Tax Evaders

We had three "funny" stories to start off with this evening -
Sharpton Promises to 'Close This City' After Officer Acquittals

Woman Accused Of Murder Faces More Charges

Nader kicks off presidential campaign

We couldn't help but talk about North Carolina and Pennsylvania's interesting results.

We were joined by Tom Millican

Ken talked about Wesley Snipes who is now in jail for tax evasion.
We had an interesting discussion on the two party system, independent candidates and the concept of a North American Union.

Finally, Hatton brought up the Peace Bridge that has been turned down because of the Common Turn.

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

EPISODE22: Teachers Battle Dark Divorces

Quite the list of topics for the evening! We thank Adam Graham of the Truth and Home Report and Robert of Radio free Dixieland.

As has become custom, we started with some weird news to loosen up the brain cells, then we dove headlong into the topics!

Family values set the tone of the conversation right from the beginning, starting off with an article that put a $112 Billion bill on divorce and unwed parenting! We went on for a while about the concept of parenting and marriage and then went right into an article about a court case in Virginia regarding a same-sex custody battle.

While we were talking about same-sex couples, we had to touch on the ruling by a Florida judge, upholding the decision to ban a "Gay Awareness" club in a high school.

Then we decided to talk about matters Green - namely the Dark Side of bio-diesel. Robert reported that he had purchased a conversion kit to run his car on E85 but switched back to Unleaded because of the barely unnoticeable difference in price based on mileage and efficiency.

To wrap up, Ken provided us with an update of sorts on the Teacher sex scandals. Apparently the union and some other folks are saying that the scandals are happening because some of the teachers aren't classically trained. We went on for a while on things that are the same and things that have changed.

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Episode 21: Taxing Prickly Union Growing on YouTube

A long show tonight, for those that are used to the hour time limit, don't stop the player before the end! We started off talking about a lot of fun and interesting things, including the man charged with Assault with a Hedgehog.

Speaking of strange crimes, 12 members of Operating Engineers Local 17 have been charged under federal indictment with extortion and racketeering (indictment details). Even more interesting, 4 of them are out on bond.

A couple of other articles on teacher/student affairs, including a 27 year old that tried to marry his 17 year old student and a 40 year old married to a 16 year old. It seems to me (Hatton) that kids are growing up much to fast.

In some cases teens are now attacking other teens for "MySpace Cred." In Florida, 8 teens beat another to post the video on YouTube as did a handfull of teens in the Bronx. The father of the victim blames MySpace.

Our last issue was talking about New York's Millionaire tax, where the state of New York wants to charge 3/4 of a percent tax on any one making over a million dollars.

At that we were joined by Tim "The Heart" Lawson, host of Politicians and the Lies They Tell. We had an interesting time speaking and debating, and this took the conversation further on the time scale than we expected.

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Sunday, April 6, 2008

EPISODE Twenty: China Bears Mesi Lama

We went quite less "racy" when it comes to topics but no less interesting.

Right off the bat, a quick tribute to Charlton Heston, who passed away Saturday.

China has decided that their atheistic views lets them dictate to the religious beliefs of others, including telling the Dali Lama that he can't reincarnate without their permission. This is yet another in their attempts to exert their power over Tibet. Recently they accused Tibet of trying to organize suicide groups. Tibet fired back pointing out that the monks accused of starting recent violence were Chinese soldiers in disguise.

Ken pointed out that Russia has been "flexing it's muscles", once in a Buzzing of the USS Nimitz (article on second page) and then when fighters escorted more bombers off the Alaska coast.

New York has another athlete running for office. "Baby" Joe Mesi has announced that he is going to run for the State Senate.

Finally in the "don't do this" column, we hear of a local man who thought it was okay to invite kids into his car to help him find his lost dog. When the news came out, he went to the Police and proved that he really did loose his dog.

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